Business Agility 1-Day Public Class

Business Agility 1-Day Public Class


To really be agile, your need to think beyond agile teams: your whole organization has to find new ways of working. Come to this workshop to learn practical methods (you’ll use the very next day) to make your organization more agile.

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Beyond The Team

Lots of the struggles that agile teams face can be solved by by the team itself, using methods like Lean UX. But Lean UX doesn’t solve every problem, and frequently, teams struggle because of factors that are beyond their control, like:

  • Teams are told what to build, rather than what problem to solve

  • Teams must make firm commitments to the features they will build, which gives them no ability to respond to what they’re learning.

  • Teams face organizational obstacles when they want to speak with users and customers.

  • Teams must conform to a sales-driven roadmap.

  • Teams work in functional silos.

  • Teams work across multiple locations, and limited ability to collaborate.

To solve problems like these, you can’t simply change how the team works, you need to change how the organization works. That’s why we’re offering Lean UX paired with our second workshop: Leading Business Agility.

Leading Business Agility

Leading Business Agility is a powerful new workshop that I created with my collaborators Jeff Gothelf, and Barry O’Reilly. You can find the 2-day version of this class here. But I’ve created a special 1-day version of this workshop as a complement to my Lean UX workshop. Take the 1-day class, or sign up for the Digital Transformation package to take both LeanUX and this class with your team.