Lean UX 1-Day Public Class

Lean UX 1-Day Public Class


Lean UX is the best way to create products in an agile environment. Come see what thousands of others designers, product managers, and developers (and more) have learned.

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Lean UX: Creating Great Products With Agile Teams

Agile is now ubiquitous in software organizations, but 17 years after the Agile Manifesto, teams still struggle to integrate design, product management and engineering on their agile teams.

Teams still struggle to answer fundamental questions, like:

  • What should we work on?

  • When are we done? When do we get to go back and revise our work?

  • Are our customers happy? Are our users successful?

  • Should we go back and improve this feature?

  • How can we create better collaborations among the specialists on our team?

Lean UX

Lean UX is a framework for answering these questions. It works with Scrum, Kanban, XP--really any flavor of agile you practice. It provides a deeply practical set of tools that are within the reach of every team. It offers a way to weave together the discpline of Agile practitioners with Product Management, User Experience Design, and all of the other disciplines that successful product teams need.

This workshop will teach you how to create a more effective Agile process that combines product discovery and product delivery into a seamless process. Lean UX is used by countless teams as a way to bring together product designers, UX designers, engineers, writers, marketers, and others to create a customer-centric way of working that will let you build the right thing, and build it right.

Your Instructor

Josh Seiden is the guy who wrote the book on Lean UX, literally. As co-author of Lean UX (O’Reilly), Josh is one of the leaders of the Lean UX movement. He has taught this class to thousands of students across the world. What’s more, Josh is a designer and entrepreneur who continues to work in the trenches, working with clients, designing and launching products, and testing and refining his methods. In addition, his new book (also with Jeff Gothelf)

You Will Learn

This is a fun, hands-on single-day workshop. Josh will teach you and your team-mates:

  • How to build an agile process that connects your product decisions to your business needs and customers needs.

  • How to build a process that incorporates continuous product discovery, product design, and product delivery activities.

  • How to prioritize your work with an evidence-based, customer-centric framework.

  • How to improve communication on your team

  • How to build Lean UX into whatever Agile process you use in your organization.

  • How to build a culture of learning, experimentation, and customer-centricity into your team.